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Who we are

Keybee is a dynamic, forward-thinking tech company that is here to change the short-term rental industry.
We provide a data-driven approach to short-term rental support services and end-to-end solutions to the core needs of over 1 million Airbnb, and VRBO hosts around the world.
Our experience has shown that trust and reliability are the most important factors when it comes to handing over management of your property. To address these reasonable concerns, Keybee gives hosts full flexibility and control. No contracts, no commitments, no risk, no hidden fees. We are confident that as soon as you try our services, you’ll never look back.

Our story

In the summer of 2015, Nadia Michelidaki and Przemek Jeziorski set out on a 3-month travel adventure covering much of Europe and Southeast Asia. As Airbnb hosts who had listed their home while away on this trip, they quickly realized the need to find an Airbnb management solution.

WiFi and phone reception necessary to communicate with guests were scarce while traveling. Scheduling cleaners and arranging check-ins between different time zones became difficult, not to mention dealing with sudden, unexpected plumbing issues. As they faced these problems, they tried to hire someone to manage their properties but could not find help that would suit their needs. As a result, Nadia and Przemek set off to become the solution themselves and help fellow hosts worldwide facing similar challenges.

Their new ideas and creative solutions quickly spread throughout the Bay Area, improving the businesses of local hosts and offering a newfound peace of mind.

What we do

Keybee offers a new, no contract, no commitment service for homeowners who want to host their properties in a complete, flexible, reliable and easy way.

  • Account and listing set up on all major STR platforms.
  • 24/7 guest communication.
  • Guest screening.
  • Calendar and Reservation management.
  • Dynamic Pricing.
  • Cleaning and laundry.
  • Restocking.
  • Repairs and maintenance.

Our idea

Keybee was born as an answer to the growing need for hosts around the world to have a trusted partner by their side who would be able to support them with all and any everyday challenges. From guest communication to pricing and cleaning, Keybee is dedicated to providing exceptional services for hosts' every need when they need it. Of course, we also help you if you're hosting on multiple platforms. We support all significant hosting platforms, including HomeAway, VRBO, and

Even if you're new to hosting and have no idea where to start, Keybee handles everything from start to finish. We identify your needs, understand your priorities, advertise your property and take care of your business. We do all the hard work for you, so you save time and effort for the things in life that matter to you most. Our hosts want a complete solution from experienced professionals who can take care of all their needs and save them time — that's exactly what we do.

Our culture

We are a host-centered and results-based culture. We monitor and keep track of new technologies and the market. We use the most advanced tech equipment and rigorous standards to continuously increase productivity and efficiency and provide homeowners with the best service and the highest income.

Our culture is also about transparency and trust. Handing over the keys to your properties requires trust. We recognize and respect this. With Keybee, you always have access to your hosting platform account; you can check all guest communication. You may also know precisely who your guests are, how many reservations you have, and how much you earn. After all, it is your property, account, and income.

We handpick our cleaning professionals. They are background-checked and specialize in short-term rentals. They take photos after every cleaning, ensuring guests are happy and hosts like yourself have total peace of mind. If you are unsatisfied with a particular cleaner, we’ll send a new one. If you like the job your cleaner is doing, we’ll try to send the same cleaner who knows your property inside-out.

With our Keybee app available on iOS and Android, everything is where you need it — at your fingertips. Order any of our services, one-time or ongoing, with a tap. View all your guest reservations and messages on all platforms at any time. See photos of your properties after cleaning. Our app lets you know your guests receive the best service and an unforgettable stay on your property.

Our goal

At Keybee, our goal is simple yet powerful: to create long-lasting relationships built on cooperation and trust.

Our vast experience in the STR industry has shown that flexibility is one of the critical factors hosts want and need. We believe companies need to adapt to people's needs — not the other way around. At Keybee, we're so confident in the quality of our services and committed to building these relationships on a foundation of trust and cooperation that we offer what no one else does: no contracts, no commitments, no hidden fees, no risks. Our motto is: "Be a host, not a hostage." And we mean every single word of it.

Host yourself for a month; try Keybee next month. We're convinced that you'll never look back when you use our services.

Our vision

Keybee’s vision is to build a robust, vibrant, and expansive community that provides guests an exceptional stay and gives hosts total peace of mind.