Vacation rental property management

Maximize your vacation rental income with the most complete and flexible all-in-one vacation rental management service. Keybee takes the hassle out of hosting by taking over and simplifying the entire process.

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“I didn’t know what price to set for my rental properties."

Keybee’s smart pricing algorithm generates the best rates for my properties, every day!

Airbnb Host

"No more midnight calls from guests!"

Keybee handled guest communication by checking and responding to all messages 24/7.

Airbnb Superhost

"Finding cleaners was time-consuming."

Keybee scheduled the cleaners and ensured top cleaning quality without my slightest effort!

Property owner

"I had to wait for the guests to arrive and hand over the keys."

With Keybee, my guests have access to the property as soon as they arrive.

Owner of 5 properties
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Be a host, not a hostage

Keybee gets hosts up and running and earning more, fast. We use the most advanced pricing algorithms on the market, so our hosts maximize their vacation rental income. Vacation rental property management can be costly, time-consuming, and challenging. At Keybee, we make hosting easy and take care of all aspects. As a result, you save time and earn more while doing less!

Complete Management

Airbnb with Keybee

Keybee perfectly integrates rental management with Airbnb. We simplify the entire process for more effective vacation rental property management on the world’s most popular hosting platform. Our rental channel manager seamlessly synchronizes and manages all aspects of professional hosting on Airbnb. We work with Airbnb’s system algorithm to get you more positive ratings and reviews. We ensure your properties get listed higher, seen and booked more on Airbnb.

Why choose Keybee?

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Income maximization

Earn more, while doing less! We take care of your guests and property 24/7/365 to ensure a 5-star guest experience and memorable stays.

Income transparency

The listing is under your name. The account belongs to you and you know, beyond doubt, where reservations come from and how much you are actually making!

Direct payments

With Keybee you get paid directly from the platform, in most cases 48 hours after guest check-in.

Full-service vacation rental property management

24/7 Guest Communication

No more late-night calls and emergencies. We handle all guest communication for you. From before your guest’s arrival to during their stay and after their departure, Keybee manages communications, 24/7/365-including those late-night surprise messages. You don’t need to check and reply to any of your messages. We check and respond to all messages for you.

  • Proactive guest communication before, during and after their stay, with real people who understand the real problems that can arise who always provide guests with an outstanding communications experience.
  • Answering guests’ phone calls around the clock and responding to guest messages the fastest in the industry.

Pricing algorithm

At Keybee, we've developed a pricing tool that ensures you don't leave money on the table. Our income-maximizing pricing algorithm uses supply/demand, events, and seasonality, among other critical measures, to get you the best rates. As a result, your rates will fluctuate daily and will differ on weekdays and weekends. The algorithm is also highly customizable. For example, we can enforce minimum nightly rates and specific prices for particular dates.

Using the power of data analytics, we've studied millions of Airbnb transactions and know what features, discounts, and other pricing options bring your listing to the top of the search results. A high ranking means increased visibility, more bookings, and higher earnings.

Full income transparency

Keybee provides full income transparency. Monitor what you've earned and when you would be paid using our dashboard. Payouts are released by each platform fast and direct into your bank account within 48 hours of bookings. No more middlemen!

Cleaning & Laundry

Anyone who's ever hosted knows how time-consuming scheduling vacation rental cleanings can be. However, using our STR-specialized cleaning services, you don't get "just a cleaning." Instead, you benefit from a complete, streamlined, and specialized service, including:

  • Handling cleaner payments.
  • Guaranteed cleaner availability at the quoted price. If your cleaner has an emergency or can't make it, you'd have to find another cleaner (probably more expensive) or clean the place yourself!
  • Cleaner coordination every time a reservation is canceled, extended, shortened, or otherwise altered. Alterations happen frequently.
  • Quality control: Our cleaners provide pictures of each room after it is cleaned to guarantee the quality of their work and provide proof to guests and Airbnb.
  • Handling damage claims: Our cleaners immediately report any damages to us, and we file a claim on your behalf to get you covered under Airbnb's Host Guarantee. Damage claims must be reported to the platform within a few hours after check-out.


If you don't live close to their property or want to be completely hands-off, we can ensure you never run out of the basics like soaps, shampoos, and toilet paper for just
59/month, plus supplies cost.

We'll know if you run low on supplies and will restock and replenish your property so guests always find everything needed during their stay. No effort is required on your part. Keybee synchronizes and coordinates everything.

Listing Setup & Optimization

Your listing is your passport to a higher income! We create a listing for you that stands out from the competition and publish it across all major hosting platforms. The listing(s) and account(s) are yours to keep.

The listing will include a description of your property’s space, neighborhood, getting around, house rules, and more. Our specialized copywriters know what keywords to use to rank your property higher in search results. 

All listings are optimized for each platform’s algorithm for the best rankings and performance possible. Ranking optimization gets your vacation rental properties consistently viewed and booked, earning you more. Keybee achieves this through knowledge of what matters for the best performance on each platform.

The cost for this service is a one-time fee of
199 per listing and marketplace and is easily covered by your first stay. This way, the return on investment is guaranteed. In addition, if you already have a listing, we’ll get it onboard at no extra cost.

Retain complete ownership

While we manage and optimize your listings, you retain all ownership. Photos, reviews, and descriptions stay on the platforms even if you decide to manage the listing without Keybee. And you can see all your earnings in real-time, any time inside the app.

Channel Manager

Keybee uses its intelligent channel manager for all your short-term vacation rental properties. It seamlessly synchronizes property characteristics, pricing, and calendars in one unified system. As a result, cross-channel issues are minimized, and reservations are maximized.

  • View all your property availability dates and reservations in Keybee’s unified calendar.
  • Quick cross-platform updates, so everything stays up-to-date.
  • Optimal pricing across all platforms.
  • Increase your property’s outreach and occupancy rate by listing it on all major platforms for you.

Guest screening

We know how important a thorough guest screening is. Therefore, Keybee runs comprehensive automated checks coupled with human screening whenever necessary. Due to human screening, you can rest assured that your properties are in good hands!

Our systems detect if potential guests have previous reviews and validated government IDs on each platform.

  • If government ID has not been provided in the platform, potential guests are automatically notified to provide it in time for their stay.
  • Real people, not machines, detect red flags, such as large crowds and party risks.
  • Avoid and reduce costs from damages and fraud.
  • Feel safe and relaxed knowing experts handle your properties.

Guest Access

No need to worry about the safety of your keys and no need to worry your guests will need last-minute help locating your property - we take care of it all for you. We make it simple and secure for your guests to obtain the keys via an easy-to-access lockbox near your property.

As a result, your guests are left satisfied, which results in better reviews.

Maintenance & Repairs

We offer and arrange additional services, such as maintenance, repairs, and deep cleaning (charged separately). So pick and choose the service of your choice, and we’ll handle the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why host with Keybee?

Keybee maximizes hosts’ vacation rental income in one fully integrated, easy-to-use system. We simplify and handle everything from seamless turnovers and effective guest screening to 24/7 personalized guest communication. Keybee manages everything for you, so you save time and maximize your vacation rental income with the most advanced pricing algorithms on the market.

How much will I earn?

Keybee’s pricing is the most competitive and transparent on the market. Your income will depend on your location and property amenities. Our onboarding team can provide you with income estimates before you start hosting.

Do I keep ownership of my listings?

Yes, absolutely. While we manage everything from guest screening to 24/7 communications, you retain full account ownership on all platforms. Photos, reviews, and descriptions stay on the platforms even if you decide to manage the listing without Keybee.

Who provides the cleanings?

Our professionals specializing in short-term rentals provide the cleaning for the properties we manage. We synchronize and assign the cleaning jobs in advance so our professionals know where and what to clean. As a result, they’re equipped with the correct information and tools for thorough, individualized cleaning of every property.

Do you screen all guests?

We screen all potential guests. Keybee runs comprehensive checks on every booking, which include validating the government ID and past reviews. We also have real people, not machines, who detect red flags, such as large crowds and party risks.

How do you get the best price?

We provide optimal pricing across all platforms. The algorithm calculates and adjusts for the best prices on all your properties daily. As a result, you consistently maximize your vacation rental income profits. Our innovative algorithm uses property type, demand, booking, and availability dates to generate the correct prices for maximum revenue.

Is there a minimum time of use?

There is no minimum time of use to get started with us. Keybee gets hosts up and running and earning more, fast.

Does Keybee manage Airbnb listings?

Keybee manages all Airbnb listings through our fully integrated channel manager. We take over the entire process of hosting on Airbnb for you and more simple and effective vacation rental property management. Our system optimizes, synchronizes, and manages all aspects of professional hosting on Airbnb. In addition, we work with Airbnb’s algorithms to get you more positive ratings and reviews and ensure your properties get listed higher, seen, and booked more on the world’s most popular hosting platform.

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