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Cleaning & Laundry

Keybee ensures top vacation rental cleaning quality, leading to higher property reviews and increased bookings.

What does the cleaning and laundry service include?

Keybee takes over, manages, and coordinates all vacation rental cleaning services. Our services include:

  • Extensive, thorough cleaning provided by professional cleaners specialized in short-term rentals.
  • Laundry and preparation.
  • Complete restocking after checkout, upon request. We identify any missing items and replace them so your next guests find everything they expect.
  • Quality control monitoring.

Why do you need vacation rental cleaning?

Cleanliness is an essential aspect of proper vacation rental property management. Professional, robust, thorough cleaning of the properties your guests will be staying in provides a more pleasant experience. In addition, better cleaning means better reviews of your rental properties and guests who’re more likely to stay again.

Vacation rental cleaning needs coordination.

Keybee ensures the highest quality cleaning and management of the entire cleaning process. Unlike residential cleanings, cleaning short-term rentals that are good enough for guests to stay and have a great experience requires more time, coordination, and attention to detail. It’s also considerably more time-consuming.

Steps in the process of the complete cleaning process we provide include:

  • Creating detailed tasks with property-specific information to ensure the vacation rental property is spotlessly clean and ready for your next guest.
  • Handling alterations, including last-minute booking changes, cancellations, and rescheduling cleanings as necessary by notifying our professional cleaners.
  • Tracking and quality control of the entire cleaning process.
  • Payment handling upon task completion - the guest covers cleaning costs.

A perfectly cleaned property keeps guests satisfied.

Guests like and expect clean vacation rental properties. Overall cleanliness is one of the most critical factors when aiming for 5-star reviews. Guests are likelier to leave positive reviews when they stay in clean vacation rentals.

Our bees are professionals who specialize in short-term rentals. We provide a vacation rental cleaning checklist for each property to ensure they provide a thorough and immaculate cleaning.

Maintenance, repairs and deep cleaning.

We also provide and arrange maintenance, repairs, and deep cleaning services (upon quote). Deep cleanings are recommended at least twice a year.

Why is Cleaning & Laundry with Keybee better?

Anyone who’s ever hosted knows how time-consuming scheduling cleanings can be and how common dealing with cleanliness issues is. Keybee handles the entire vacation rental cleaning and laundry management process for you. Because of this, you will:

Save Time

We look after everything, so you save time. We work with professional cleaners, assign duties and perform top-quality controls to ensure flawless cleanings every time.

Gain Higher Ratings

Clean vacation rental properties are a critical factor in gaining 5-star reviews. Our professionals understand this and consistently provide the highest quality cleaning to satisfy every guest so that you maximize guests, leaving you with the highest ratings and reviews.

Increase bookings

Guests are consistently interested in reviews on the cleanliness of short-term vacation rental properties. They’re positively affected by higher ratings for cleanliness and are far more likely to stay at your properties when your reviews reflect this.

Airbnb Cleaning and Laundry

Keybee’s Airbnb rental channel management is fully integrated to control all cleaning and checkout-related activities. In addition, we comply with and undertake Airbnb’s robust requirements and use our top-level cleaning and laundry services to ensure the best cleaning of your properties by:

  • Working with professional cleaners who’re experts in Airbnb turnovers.
  • Making sure our bees follow the 5-step process required by Airbnb as part of health and safety around COVID-19.
  • Handling all necessary rescheduling to provide a timely and effective service.
  • Always providing expert-level complete cleaning of all your properties, which results in higher ratings and reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take the photos after every cleaning?

Yes, we take photos after every cleaning. Our hosts have access to the photos to ensure their properties are professionally cleaned and are ready for the next guest.

How can I know that my property was properly cleaned?

Our professional cleaners take photos of the property after every cleaning. You can access the photos to monitor the cleaning quality and ensure the highest standards.

Where do you perform the laundry?

We perform the laundry as part of our in-site check-out service. The linens are washed, folded and stored in the designated storage space. We perform laundry on-site, if a washer and dryer are available. Otherwise, we accommodate off-site laundry.

Who pays for the cleaning?

In short, the guest pays for the cleaning. In particular every guest is charged a cleaning fee in addition to the nightly fees. We initially charge your credit card for the cleaning; however, you receive the cleaning fee from the guest directly into your bank account as part of the reservation payout. The cleaning fee fully reimburses you for the cost of the cleaning.