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Keybee Fees

Complete, transparent vacation rental management with a flat fee of just 9% of your NET rental income. No contracts, no commitments, no hidden fees.

Our Fees and how we work

Keybee's pricing structure is the most competitive and transparent in the market. We keep our pricing simple and fair. Most of our competitors charge a percentage fee on your gross (as opposed to net) income. Using gross income means that the fees are charged on top of the income you never receive, such as platform fees and cleaning fees. With Keybee, hosts pay a flat fee of just 9% of their NET rental income after subtracting platform and cleaning fees.

In addition, our pricing for cleaning is straightforward. Guest pays the cost of cleaning. We set Keybee's cleaning cost as a cleaning fee on each platform. The platform deposits the cleaning fee directly into your account, and we charge our credit card for the same amount. This way, you have complete control over income and costs but do not need to worry about scheduling turnovers and cleaning costs.

Some management companies keep your payouts and only transfer payments to you once a month after subtracting their fees. This means no transparency or control over income and fees. Before you sign up with the competitors, inquire if they keep your income. With Keybee, payments from hosting are always fast and secure since they come directly from the platform into your account.

What we offer

We offer the best prices with complete transparency while increasing your earnings. You see precisely what you earn and what you pay on your profile. With Keybee, hosts do less and earn more. We use the most advanced pricing algorithms on the market to increase your income by 20%.

With Keybee, you can rest assured your vacation rental properties are clean, everything is stocked, and your guests have a great experience. Unlike other short-term rental management services on the market, Keybee doesn’t appropriate any portion of the cleaning fee — you only pay for the services provided.

Keybee also offers additional, optional services. For example, our bees can also perform repairs, maintenance, and deep cleaning (upon quote).

Why should I choose Keybee?

Our simple and transparent pricing and ability to maximize your income make Keybee the most competitive, complete, and flexible short-term rental management platform on the market. Unlike our competitors, we don’t act as a middleman and subtract various fees before the payout reaches your bank account. Instead, you know how much you’ll earn, where reservations come from, and receive payouts directly to your bank account through the platform.

With Keybee, there are no contracts or commitments. We provide complete and flexible short-term rental property management where you only pay for what you see the value. Our advanced pricing algorithms increase your earnings by 20% without you having to do a thing.

We set the cost for cleaning as a cleaning fee on all marketplaces; each guest reservation covers it. Hosts receive the cleaning fee directly to their bank account from the platform as part of the reservation payout. In turn, we charge your preferred Keybee payment method and make sure your property is spotlessly clean. Simple. Transparent. Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. We like to keep things simple and transparent, including our fees. Our fee is 9%, and we charge extra only when optional services like restocking, maintenance, and repairs are required and approved by you. No contracts. No commitments.

When do I get paid?

Your earnings arrive directly into your bank account from the rental platform (Airbnb, VRBO, The platform typically releases the funds a few days after guest check-in.

When do I pay you?

Cleaning fees are charged to your credit card 7 days before the check-out date to ensure cleaner availability. After the guest checks in, you receive the reservation payout directly to your bank account. The payout includes nightly fees and reimbursement of our cleaning fee. In other words, the guest pays for cleaning.

How do I pay for additional services?

We’re here to help you with additional services, such as repairs, maintenance, snow removal, or deep cleaning. First, we will provide you with a quote. Next, we will charge your credit card and provide the service if you accept the quote. You’re only charged for the service you need. We keep things simple and transparent at all times.