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24/7 Guest Communication

24/7 guest communication is Keybee's fast & reliable response to guest inquiries by real people, ensuring higher ratings and increased reservations.

What is 24/7 Guest Communication?

24/7 guest communication means being there to answer anything and everything for guests from before they arrive through their stay and after their departure. Around-the-clock communication for a guest's every need is key to being a successful host.

Keybee's 24/7 guest communication ensures catering, support, and resolutions for all guest needs—all-day, every day.

Why do you need 24/7 Guest Communication?

Whether you own a single property or an entire portfolio, you need effective 24/7 guest communication so your guests enjoy a great stay in your properties.

As a host, your business never sleeps. At all hours of the day, your guests need:

  • General queries answered
  • Help and support across the board
  • Friendly and effective communication
  • Quick resolutions for when things go wrong
  • Timely responses make guests feel comfortable, catered for, and more likely to recommend you.

Full-time guest communication is paramount to being a great host. That's why Keybee makes communication a top priority. We are here for your guests with real people, in real-time, 24/7.

And by providing excellent guest communication at all hours of the day, your guests are more likely to:

  • Receive a great stay
  • Leave positive reviews
  • Recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues

Our team checks your messages and looks after all your guests' needs every hour of every day. Then, Keybee's experts handle whatever they need on your behalf so you can sit back and relax, knowing everything is being taken care of.

Why is Guest Communication with Keybee better?

Keybee takes guest communication seriously. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the absolute best communications experience for your guests. From before they arrive, throughout the length of their stay, and after departure, Keybee's experts take over and handle all guest communication for you.

Excellent communication with real people for real people

Providing an outstanding communications experience at all times is what we do. With Keybee's 24/7 guest communication, we're always there for them. Every single guest receives the same friendly support and expert service. They receive a genuine, effective communication experience from real people, not machines.

24/7 dedicated support

Keybee's dedicated support operates at all hours of the day. So whether it's the middle of the night and a guest can't find their key, or it's the break of dawn, and someone needs fresh towels, we're there to provide the support and solutions for your guests' every need you don't have to.

Because we're always online, we always respond and provide solutions to your guests' every need, fast. And dedicated, quick communication 24/7 translates into a better experience for your guests, which results in higher ratings for you as a host. A higher ranking means more guest traffic increasing earnings down the road.

Your time is valuable

24/7 guest communication with Keybee means we take on all communications. We check your messages across your hosting platforms, from the simple to the most important, so you don't have to. Keybee takes the workload, saving you time.

Receive higher reviews and ratings

Dedicated, friendly, and resourceful 24/7 guest communication means your guests receive the absolute best support. By providing the most effective communication and an outstanding experience around the clock, your guests are more likely to review their stay higher and recommend you to others. They're also more likely to return and stay with you again.

Your reviews and rating matter. Our guest communication service helps you to increase your host ratings across multiple platforms without you having to do anything. By providing an excellent guest communications experience, Keybee helps you continuously increase your ratings and boost your placement on the hosting ladder.

24/7 Airbnb Guest Communication

Keybee seamlessly integrates Airbnb with our 24/7 guest communication. Our team knows first-hand that effective, open-ended communication is vital to a successful host. Therefore, we focus on providing non-stop, effective communications on all platforms.

With our 24/7 guest communication service integrated through the vacation rental channel manager, our dedicated agents help you:

  • Build your reputation as a host through rapid responses and thorough support.
  • Receive higher ratings and reviews and boost your host rankings.
  • Increase bookings and earn you more by providing help and support through effective communication any time of the day.

Keybee's 24/7 guest communication does the work, so you don't have to. We give the best in guest communication by providing effective and helpful solutions and answers to all queries by real people around the clock.

We help you build a reputation on the world's most popular property hosting platforms. With our 24/7 guest communication service, hosts earn more by doing less!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are guests reminded to leave reviews after checkout?

Yes. We know how vital receiving positive reviews is to give your guests a great experience. That's why we always send a reminder to your guests after they check out, motivating them to leave a review after a great stay.

How long does Keybee take to respond to guest messaging?

Keybee uses an automated system that replies near instantly. Moments later, a team member reviews the guest's inquiry and is there to handle everything. We ensure that all responses are way below the 1-hour industry standard. Our lightning-fast responses build your reputation as a host and increase your rankings on all platforms.

Does Keybee use scheduled messages to respond to guests?

At Keybee, we use state-of-the-art messaging automation to improve your guest experience and response rates. But, at the same time, we still have real people in charge of monitoring and responding to messages that automation cannot handle. This way, you and your guests get the best of both worlds!

What channels do you use for communication?

We use various forms of communication, including email, platform messaging, and phone. We use the platform messaging system whenever possible, as this provides a track record of every conversation. We also have a 24/7 contact number that guests can call and talk to real people instead of machines. In urgent cases and emergencies, we also call guests to help them in the best possible way.

When will you notify me of guest messages that require my attention?

We handle everything for you and will only contact you if it's an absolute necessity.