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Vacation rental maintenance services

Keybee will report any maintenance/repair issues and provide you with a quote. You choose the service, and we handle the rest!

What are vacation rental maintenance services?

Vacation rental services include the maintenance and undertaking of necessary jobs that look after your properties and keep things running smooth. But, of course, your property must be in tip-top shape so guests keep booking.

You also need your properties looked after before, during, and after your guest's check-out. Keeping everything well-maintained for quick and flawless turnovers means you receive higher ratings and reviews. Better reviews lead to more profit in your pocket in the long run.

Keybee takes the stress off your shoulders by reporting damage or maintenance issues to you and offering you the right solutions. We may recommend maintenance services to you and provide available companies who can carry out the required jobs. We're here to help you when you need it the most. Our network of professional technicians will assist you through any unexpected issue that may arise.

We can do all this and look after your necessary maintenance through our additional maintenance services. These include deep cleaning, which we recommend at least twice a year, and repairs for when things stop working or damage occurs (maintenance services are charged separately).

Why do you need vacation rental maintenance services?

You need vacation rental maintenance services to stay on top of the ordinary and necessary duties that make for a great stay and keep your properties getting booked. There may be times when big maintenance repairs jobs need to be carried out, like plumbing, fixing leaking taps, and plastering broken drywall. Having professionals that can take care of maintenance and repairs of your vacation rental properties helps to keep everything up and running like clockwork.

Our regular professional cleaning is always included in the price. In addition, we can arrange separate maintenance, including repair services or deep cleaning. Such maintenance keeps your vacation properties in their best condition for happier guests and better reviews.

Why are maintenance services with Keybee better?

We take care of the necessities.

Keybee takes care of the necessary maintenance work, so you don't have to. Through each stage of your guest's stay, we'll look after your vacation rental properties by taking care of any necessary maintenance work. In addition, we'll report issues to you and provide you with the right solutions from our network of professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, and handymen, for those jobs that need doing promptly to keep everything running smoothly for you.

You save time.

Keybee takes care of your short-term rental maintenance for you. We deal with the necessities such as cleaning and any unexpected issues that may arise. We provide our vacation rental maintenance services around the clock, giving you more time for the more important things.

We keep your properties booked up.

We keep your properties booked by taking over the maintenance and looking after your vacation rental properties.

Keeping your short-term rentals clean and well-maintained is vital for excellent ratings and reviews. Keybee's vacation rental maintenance services help you maintain satisfied guests, so you are consistently ranked high, and guests keep booking to stay at your properties.

With Keybee, you don't need to look for and hire people to do the work.

Airbnb maintenance services.

Maintaining and keeping your vacation rental properties running smoothly is vital for your Airbnb listing. Keybee can help you keep on top of the jobs needed so you keep getting rated and ranked high.

Airbnb considers factors such as rental property cleanliness for how it ranks hosts. But we can also take care of important work that keeps your properties on Airbnb in tip-top shape and gets your properties listed even higher. Extra work includes repairs, maintenance work, and deep cleaning. Our maintenance services take care of all the necessary work. And this means we help keep your guests satisfied and your vacation rental properties on Airbnb booked up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you inform me if damage occurs on my property?

We'll report any damage or repair issues to you and provide you with a quote from our local professionals.

Why are maintenance services critical?

Having professionals who can take care of maintenance and repairs of your vacation rentals helps keep your properties in perfect condition and thus have happier guests with better ratings.