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Vacation rental channel manager

Keybee's vacation rental channel manager offers complete and seamless channel management. No double bookings, no lost income, and better ratings.

What is a vacation rental channel manager?

Keybee's Vacation Rental Channel Manager is our software tool that ensures your vacation rental property is seamlessly managed across all rental platforms.

What is a unified calendar, and why do I need It?

Our state-of-the-art, unified calendar synchronizes reservations across platforms and unifies all your bookings and available dates into one place.

A unified calendar prevents double bookings and eliminates booking loss, as booking on one platform renders the property unavailable on all other platforms. In addition, the property becomes immediately available on the platform calendars if there are any alterations or cancellations. As a result, keeping the calendar updated ensures no potential bookings are lost.

The intelligent channel manager updates everything cross-platform instantly to ensure the most up-to-date and optimal pricing on all the platforms you host. In addition, our pricing tool automatically updates your listings with the best prices across the platforms. Automatic pricing updates allow you to maximize your vacation rental income continuously.

Cross-platform synchronization.

Any changes in property characteristics, availability dates, cancellations, or pricing are instantly updated across all reservation platforms.

Your property is always up-to-date on all platforms to ensure a perfect guest experience and better assessment by platform algorithms.

The best part? You don't even need to log in. Our Team will use Keybee's vacation rental channel manager to manage your property across all platforms.

Why do I need a vacation rental channel manager?

To increase your reservations, your property must be listed on all significant STR platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, and Listing on different platforms means addressing different audiences and reaching more potential guests. But that's not enough. Flawless cross-platform management is essential to maximize reservations. How is that done?

Calendar synchronization.

Keybee's Unified Calendar brings all platform calendars updated to one place. In addition, our Team tracks your property reservation details in real time. New reservations feed all platform calendars, and cancellations instantly open dates on all calendars. As a result, tracking property reservation details, including specifics like date and availability, is better than ever.

Property details update.

Keybee's rental channel manager synchronizes the characteristics of all your properties across all reservation platforms. For example, availability dates, new amenities, property descriptions, and many more are seamlessly synchronized across all channels.

Cross-platform pricing.

Our top-of-the-line pricing tool ensures that the optimal daily price is always synchronized across all listing platforms. This seamless synchronization ensures that the optimal price is always available across all platforms so you maximize profits from your property listings.

Why is Keybee’s channel manager better?

Keybee's channel manager quickly updates your vacation rental property with fresh information. Combined with our Team's expertise, you can expect the best management for your vacation property.

Unlike many competitors, Keybee has access to an exclusive platform partnership channel. The official partnership means we don't have to rely on out-of-the-box calendar integration. Instead, we provide our hosts with reliable, instantaneous synchronization across all platforms. With Keybee, calendars are updated directly through our partnership channel. Instant synchronization eliminates double bookings and provides hosts with the most up-to-date information across all platforms they use.

Zero double bookings.

Keybee's channel manager eliminates double bookings and cancellations, avoiding missing out on income. Your property is always available whenever you need it to be.

Better reviews.

Keybee's channel manager accurately informs potential guests about your property availability, pricing, and characteristics across platforms. Not likely to experience an out-of-the-blue cancellation, they have a good user experience, leading to higher ratings. In turn, better reviews help your property appear higher on search results when guests are looking for a place to stay in the area.

Increased property income.

Keybee's vacation rental channel manager ensures that optimal pricing, availability dates, and property information are constantly updated across all reservation platforms. Add the 5-star guest reviews in the mix that increase your property's visibility, and you get the best performance for your property.

Time saved.

With Keybee's channel manager, everything is organized in one place. There's no need to log in to different platforms and update different listings. Instead, our agents use the channel manager to manage your property so you can sit back and relax.

Airbnb channel manager

An effective Vacation Rental Channel Manager is essential for short-term rental properties. Airbnb's algorithm considers several factors in assessing property quality, such as reservation rates, cancellation rates, and message responsiveness. The higher the perceived quality of your property, the higher the chance to be shown on relevant search results.

Keybee's channel manager helps your property achieve higher ratings and positions in Airbnb's search results.

  • Airbnb's calendar communicates in real-time with your property's unified calendar. That way, it is constantly updated with any reservations or cancellations happening on other platforms. Airbnb users, along with its algorithm, will always have an accurate view of your property's availability, book their desired dates, and experience no cancellations or overbookings.
  • Your property's pricing on Airbnb will always be optimal. Our pricing tool does all the advanced calculations to define the best daily price. Subsequently, our channel manager communicates the price to Airbnb in real-time. Your property always has the optimal price on Airbnb, which means higher chances of getting reservations at premium rates.
  • Keybee's channel manager updates your property details on Airbnb automatically whenever a change on any platform is detected. Your Airbnb property is always up to date with amenities, images, and descriptions, providing accurate and updated information to your potential guests. Your guests know what to expect, make an informed decision on their booking, and are more likely to give your property 5-star reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Keybee’s channel manager do for me?

Our intelligent channel manager ensures that your properties are instantly updated across multiple platforms with the most up-to-date information. Unlike our competitors, Keybee is an official partner of all major short-term rental platforms. Partnerships grant us an exclusive and automatic way to synchronise the availability and rates across platforms. Thanks to this most advanced short-term rental management technology, you will never receive another double booking.

Does Keybee’s channel manager work with Airbnb?

An effective vacation rental channel manager is essential for hosts to achieve the best results on Airbnb. Airbnb uses several factors to score the quality of your listing, which include cancelation rates and message responsiveness. The quality score is crucial for success because it determines the ranking of Airbnb search page displayed to potential guests. Keybee's channel manager eliminates double bookings and cancelations, delivering you a perfect quality score and the best search ranking possible.

How does the pricing tool get me the best prices?

Our intelligent pricing tool automatically updates the prices on all platforms to deliver you the highest income. We determine the income-optimizing prices by employing proprietary pricing algorithms.

How and what does the channel manager synchronize?

Our intelligent channel manager instantly synchronizes property characteristics, availability dates, cancellations, and pricing across all reservation platforms. As a result, your property stays up-to-date on all platforms, which ensures a perfect guest experience and better assessment by platform algorithms. In addition, our agents use Keybee's vacation rental channel manager to manage your property across all platforms efficiently.