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Pricing Tool

Our state-of-the-art pricing tool calculates the best price for your property every day of the year and adapts it to every rental platform.

What is Keybee’s pricing tool?

Our pricing tool uses property profile characteristics, such as property type, supply and demand, seasonality, and each platform's algorithm for complete price optimization. There's no need to try and figure out the best prices because our in-house-built pricing algorithm automatically retrieves the best price every day for you.

Our dynamic pricing tool identifies and generates the optimal pricing for your property. Dynamic pricing ensures you get the most bookings at the highest possible rate. Moreover, we provide full income transparency as your earnings are delivered directly into your bank account straight from the platform without Keybee acting as a middleman.

Why do you need pricing optimization?

Optimizing your nightly rates is the key to income maximizing. However, finding the best price for your listings could be difficult and time-consuming because you have to consider many factors, including seasonality, demand, and competition. In addition, the optimal prices are in constant flux; thus, they need to be changed continually to be sure that you are not leaving money on the table.

With Keybee's advanced pricing tool, you don't have to wonder what price to set for your vacation rental properties. Instead, our intelligent pricing algorithm does this automatically for you, resulting in more bookings and maximizing your profit.

Why is Keybee’s pricing tool better?

Our intelligent pricing algorithm achieves reliable pricing optimization to maximize your income without the slightest effort.

Income maximizing pricing algorithm

Keybee's pricing tool is an algorithm focusing on one task: getting you the absolute best rate possible at all times. The intelligent and dynamic algorithm stays on top of daily changes and continues to optimize pricing to maximize income from your vacation rental properties.

Optimum rates for all your properties

Our intelligent channel manager instantly updates the best price on all platforms. In addition, rates are continuously optimized, so you always offer the best rate for all your listings.

Airbnb pricing tool

Our proprietary pricing algorithm dynamically calculates and sets the optimum price for your Airbnb rental, ensuring your property reaches its full potential. The price of your Airbnb listing(s) will be adjusted daily based on the location and amenities of your property, the seasonality, the level of competition, and the proximity to the departure date.

The rates are being changed every day of the year, so you constantly get more reservations for your Airbnb properties and thus maximize your income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I view my rates?

You can view your rates in our unified calendar and on the platform.

Can I raise my rates?

Keybee will identify the optimal rates for your listings and adjust them, so you maximize earnings while keeping your vacation rental properties booked. By listing on several platforms or adding amenities, you'll be able to achieve even higher rates.

How can I increase my revenue?

Keybee takes care of pricing to maximize your revenue. In addition, we recommend listing your properties on several platforms through our intelligent channel manager to increase your revenue further.

How much will I earn?

Your earnings will depend on your location and property amenities. Keybee's expert sales team is there to provide income estimates and ensure your property reaches its full potential.

Should I set a minimum rate?

Unlike the competition, our hosts can set their preferred minimum nightly rates. Within these parameters, our intelligent algorithm sets the optimal minimum rate to maximize your income. Our onboard expert team can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of setting minimum nightly rates with you.

What technology does Keybee use to get the best prices for my properties?

Keybee has developed algorithms based on the latest in machine learning and demand estimation. We built our algorithm to address and improve flaws in the market so our hosts get the absolute best prices on their properties. The algorithm was developed by co-founder and UC Berkeley professor Przemyslaw Jeziorski