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Guest access

Keybee covers secure and reliable guest access and provides your guests with quick and easy access as soon as they arrive, so your guests get a great first impression.

Seamless check-in: how does it work?

Making sure your guests arrive at your vacation rental properties smoothly and efficiently is an essential step to your guests having an unforgettable stay with you as their host. Guest access with Keybee means safe, secure, and simple access to their vacation rental property without the hassle. As a result, your guests get a great first impression and are more likely to give higher ratings and reviews for you as their host.

Keybee makes sure guest access is fast, simple, and safe. As part of our guest access service, we recommend how to set up secure and easy guest access on your properties. We can also provide a paid installation service for you. In addition, we take care of all aspects of guest access at all hours, so you save time and effort not having to arrange specific times for key handovers.

If your apartment has an electronic lock, we’ll inform your guest and provide them with the passcode. However, we strongly suggest that there should also be a backup lock box so guests can find the keys.

Why is a seamless check-in experience important?

We know you want your guests to have the best stay, and you need fast, simple, and secure guest access. Enabling swift and seamless guest access is essential for their fantastic stay at your vacation rental. Perfect check-in gives guests a great first impression, setting them up for a fantastic stay -- more satisfied guests means higher ratings.

How does Keybee do guest access better?

Setting guests up for a great stay.

Keybee sets you up for success by ensuring your guests receive their keys quickly, securely, and hassle-freely. As a result, your guests obtain a seamless kicking-off their enjoyable stay in your vacation rental properties. Making a great first impression with easy guest access that sets them up for a great stay means higher ratings and reviews for you and your properties.

Safe and secure.

Keys are safely stored in lockboxes close to your properties. We also offer keyless solutions, such as keyless pads and smart locks, for even greater peace of mind. We make sure the keys and access to the properties are ready before guests arrive and provide them with clear instructions on how they can access them. This way, we create a safe and seamless experience for your guests with easy access upon arrival. You can relax knowing your keys are kept safe and secure and only accessed by your guests. And there’s no need to worry your guests will need any last-minute help locating your property — Keybee has it all covered.

Better guest experience, better ratings and reviews, more earnings.

A smooth and straightforward experience from when your guests arrive makes a great first and lasting impression. Keybee’s guest access covers everything, so your guests have quick and easy access to your vacation rental property. We cover the entire process and make it seamless, so your guests are satisfied. And satisfied guests are more likely to provide you with higher ratings and reviews, which means your properties are listed higher, and you earn more.

Airbnb guest access

We also provide the same premium guest access for all your Airbnb listings. Your reviews and ratings on Airbnb are vital to getting your vacation rental properties viewed and booked more. Keybee takes safe, secure, and easy guest access seriously. Guests are left satisfied by providing a seamless experience from the start, which results in better ratings and reviews on your properties on Airbnb. And this means higher ranking, more bookings, and more earnings for you in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is contactless check-in work?

Contactless check-in means that no human is delivering the keys. Guest input the code in the keyless lock, or the keys are safely stored in lock boxes. As a result, your guests receive the keys quickly and hassle-free. You don’t have to wait for them to arrive or arrange a specific check-in time. Guests love self-check-in because it enables them to change their plans without needing coordination. Host love it because it saves them time and money.

What happens if guests don’t return the keys or the keys are lost?

We recommend installing a keyless lock, which gives the most flexibility. In case keyless lock cannot be installed, we recommend providing a spare key to Keybee in case guests are locked out. In rare and exceptional circumstances rekeying or lockout services may be required. We work with our trusted partners to ensure your guests swiftly take care of any issues.