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Guest Screening

Keybee performs efficient guest screening by ensuring potential guests have a verified government ID, checking past reviews, and having real people identify high-risk stays.

What is guest screening?

Guest screening is an important safety and quality management aspect of hosting vacation rental properties that assesses a reservation's risk level through a discreet process of analyzing guest profiles to minimize high-risk stays.

Our system detects if potential guests have previous reviews and valid government IDs within the platform. Having a valid ID is part of the necessary guest screening process. If a potential guest has yet to verify their official government ID on a platform, we notify them to add it to their profile before we can confirm the booking.

Keybee has real people, not machines, who detect red flags such as large crowds and parties. We may also ask potential guests additional questions as part of the screening process to ensure they are a good fit for your property. We do this to ensure the safety and security of all guests and minimize wear and tear on your property.

Why do you need guest screening?

Guest screening helps you minimize risk when hosting and saves you money, time, and energy by:

  • Ensuring potential guests have a verified ID.
  • Checking past reviews and stay history.
  • Protecting the host's vacation rental properties from damage, illicit parties, and criminal activity.

Why is Keybee's guest screening better?

Keybee's guest screening goes above and beyond the ordinary procedure while keeping the process fast and efficient. As a result, you can relax, knowing your properties are safe and secure.

Guest screening goes above and beyond.

Platforms include limited guest screening, which relies primarily on past reports from other hosts. Keybee goes beyond that. We check for verified government ID, and past reviews and have real people identify potential red flags such as the possibility of parties and potential unwanted activity.

Our team does the work for you by undertaking the entire in-depth guest screening to ensure your property remains safe and in pristine condition.

Your time is valuable.

Guest screening can be a time-consuming, exhausting process. Regular guest screening that platforms provide by default only covers the basics, meaning hosts have to take on the job of screening each guest.

Keybee provides a thorough guest screening process for every guest on your behalf. We take on the fundamental guest screening checks and go deeper for a more comprehensive guest screening. Our team of experts evaluates red flags and potential issues to keep our host's properties safe and secure.

Your property comes first.

We ensure every potential guest is thoroughly checked through our smooth, fast and discreet guest screening process powered by real people, not machines.

We maximize your income while putting the safety and security of your vacation rental property first. Through our guest screening process, we protect your property and your investment by minimizing the chances of damage, theft, and criminal activity. As a result, our guest screening saves you hefty expenses down the road.

Airbnb guest screening.

Our guest screening service provides thorough checks on top of Airbnb's background checks for maximum benefit and protection of your vacation rental properties.

Airbnb's background checks match guests' details against public records to verify their identity. But they don't go any further than this. So while these standard background checks may help identify past inappropriate conduct when the background checks match, this won't always be the case.

Keybee goes further in the guest screening process while seamlessly integrating with Airbnb's background checks. On top of Airbnb's standard background checks, we'll:

  • Look at each potential guest's past stay reviews to ensure they fit well.
  • Prompt guests to verify their official government ID if they haven't done so.
  • Have our experts look for potential red flags, such as the possibility of disruptive large crowds or parties.

Adding this extra layer to the Airbnb guest screening process provides a more comprehensive, thorough layer of protection and security. We take on the entire process for all our hosts using Airbnb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do platforms perform guest screening?

Platforms are limited in their ability to screen guests. In general, they stop after a basic identity background check. Limited identity checks available in the platform means hosts often have to take on the job of guest screening themselves, which can be an arduous and time-consuming process. Therefore, we screen guests beyond ID checks and take on every step on behalf of our hosts for a complete guest screening process.

How do you screen potential guests?

We screen potential guests by combining the best of two worlds: state-of-the-art technology and real human interaction by industry experts. Our system scans and detects missing official government IDs and notifies guests to upload theirs if they have yet to do so. We use humans instead of machines to personally look for and identify potential red flags and risks, such as the possibility of guests bringing large crowds, the potential for parties, and unwanted activity.

What if I feel uncomfortable with a potential guest?

We do our best through our vetting processes to ensure high-quality guests stay at our hosts' vacation rental properties for total peace of mind. However, in some instances where you feel uncomfortable with a prospective guest staying at any of your properties, you can contact our 24/7 Team, who'll get back to you with professional insights and solutions.

What do you check?

As a standard, we always check for official government IDs to verify the identity of individuals. We also check their past stay reviews. Our experts may also ask potential guests additional questions about their stay. We do this to ensure the best interests of our host's vacation rental properties.