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Listing Setup & Optimization

Keybee's listing setup & optimization boosts your rankings on the platform's search results and increases your reservations, resulting in higher income.

What does listing setup & optimization include?

Keybee creates your listing and publishes it on all major booking platforms. The listing setup includes providing basic information about your vacation rental property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, amenities, and the daily price. Then, specialized copywriters optimize your listing so that your short-term rental will rank higher in platform search results and thus have more reservations.

  • Keybee creates your listing(s) and publishes it across all hosting platforms
  • If requested, Keybee can take over complete photography of your short-term rental property by hiring professional photographers, ensuring that your listing stands out from the competition.
  • Keybee's systems ensure unified property descriptions and characteristics across all platforms
  • The listing(s) are optimized for each platform's algorithm to improve chances of appearing higher on the platform's search results and increase bookings.
  • Our vacation rental channel manager will synchronize the property availability across multiple platforms(Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway,, ensuring no double bookings exist.
  • Our pricing algorithm calculates the optimal daily rate for your property, leading to an increase in booking rate and higher income.

Why do you need listing setup & optimization?

Listing creation & optimization by Keybee helps you rank above the competition and increase your reservations.

  • Υour apartment is accurately represented online, with proper descriptions and perfect photos. Your listing will also contain information about the neighborhood and what the guest can expect to find around.
  • Your property listing is created so that it is distinguishable from competitors, attracting the attention of more prospective guests.
  • A great listing with compelling descriptions and photos convinces potential guests that their stay in your property will be unforgettable.

Why is listing setup & optimization by Keybee better?

In Keybee, we know that listing setup & optimization is essential for your vacation rental.

Keybee creates an exceptional listing and optimizes the settings for each platform's algorithm, leading to higher rankings and increased exposure of your vacation rental(s).

Listing creation by professionals

Specialized copywriters will create the listing for you to stand out from the competition when people are searching for a place to stay.

Higher Income

Listing optimization will improve the visibility of your property across platforms such as Airbnb,, and VRBO, thus increasing your booking rate and, consequently, your earnings.

Complete ownership

You own the listing! The listing's photos, reviews, and descriptions remain yours, no matter what. You maintain the listing(s) and the ownership of the account(s).

Airbnb Listing setup & Optimization

Airbnb listing creation & optimization can help you improve your property's ranking on Airbnb, making it more likely to be seen by people searching for short-term rentals. In addition, optimizing your Airbnb listing is a great way to increase bookings, resulting in more profit from your property.

  • We set up your Airbnb listing, with captivating titles, and compelling and accurate descriptions, by pointing out the advantages of your property.
  • We hire professional Airbnb photographers to ensure the best imagery results (upon request).
  • Your Airbnb listing will include information about the neighborhood, the best places nearby, and property rules.
  • Our pricing algorithm will adjust the optimum daily rate for your property, achieving income maximization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us

Can I choose the platforms on which my listing is advertised?

Yes, we create the listing(s) but you designate which platform you want to use.

Can I make updates on my listings?

Yes, you can make an update using our dashboard or by talking directly to our customer service.

Do I have the authority over my listing?

Yes, you fully own your listing including photos, reviews and descriptions.

Do you also take pictures of my property?

Yes, we do. Keybee hires professional photographers upon request.

What happens to my listing if I want to end my cooperation with Keybee?

Disconnecting your account from our platform can be done seamlessly. You will keep all the content and reviews. Ask your current or prospective provider if they are willing to empower you in the same way.