About us


Who we are

Keybee is a dynamic, well-organized, tech savvy company, that in combination with the excellent knowledge of the industry, provides complete services depending on your needs.
A data-driven marketplace for short-term rental support services and an end-to-end solution to the core needs of over 1M Airbnb, booking and Homeaway hosts around the world. Keybee mobile app connects hosts to freelancers and small businesses offering services, such as: online listing management, guest check-ins, and housekeeping. It is fully integrated with Airbnb, Homeaway and Stripe Connect to provide hassle-free service provision and payments.

Our story

Summer 2015 Nadia Michelidaki and Przemek Jeziorski departed on a 3-month travel adventure in Europe and Southeast Asia.
They were already Airbnb hosts, so listing their own home while they were away come in naturally. Soon they realized that managing their short-term rental properties from across the globe was challenging.
Wifi and phone connection were scarce at some parts of their trip, scheduling cleaners and arranging check-ins between different time zones was difficult, let alone handling a sudden plumbing issue! Looking for someone to help them manage their properties, they concluded that there is no satisfactory solution. They put their heads together and created a solution for themselves and others that love hosting, but are not always available. Their hometown, Berkeley, loved the idea that spread fast throughout the Bay Area.
The Keybee app made possible to welcome guests at every home.
It provided a way for people to earn money, while promoting their area.
It increased the number of accommodation units and benefited local businesses.

What we do

Account and Listing Setup


Reservation Management


Cleaning and laundry




personal welcome


24/7 Communication


Keybee’s approach offers a new, no contract, no commitment service for homeowners in a complete,flexible, easy and trusted way.



Our idea

Our idea to create Keybee was born out of the need of the market and the people, to have a trusted business partner to look after the issues, their problems and the everyday issues that occurred. Already an experienced host, in need of an extra set of hands? No matter if guest communication, pricing or cleanings, Keybee is right by your side for whatever you need, whenever you need it! You are also hosting on other platforms? Regardless if HomeAway, VRBO or Booking.com we handle every major platform.
Completely new to this and don’t know where to start? We handle everything from start to finish: we identify your needs, understand your priorities, advertise your property and take care of everyday business. We do all the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on the things in life that matter the most.
All these new media and the technology,the lack of experience, but especially the lack of time, have led our customers to seek professional help from us.

Our culture

Our culture is customer-centered and result-based. Our main objective is to closely monitor the technology and the market with pioneering training. We rely on the use of advanced technological equipment and rigorous standardization of operations,aiming at increasing productivity, efficiency, and thus your income. 

When it comes to handing over control of your property, trust is key. So is transparency. With Keybee you have full access to your account, can check all communication with guests, you know exactly who your guests are, how many reservations you have and ultimately how much you earn. After all, it’s your property, your account, your income! Our cleaning professionals are handpicked, background-checked and specialized in short-term rentals. They take pictures after each cleaning, in order for us to make sure that your guests will be happy and provide you with peace of mind. If you are not happy with a cleaner we can send someone else. If you are happy, we can try to always send the same cleaner that knows your property inside-out.

With our Keybee app -both available for iOS and Android, everything is exactly where you need it: Right at your fingertips! Order any or all of our services, one-time or ongoing with just one tap. See all of guest reservations and messages, no matter on which platform. See pictures of your place after it’s cleaned, so you know your guests get the unforgettable stay they deserve.

Our goal

Our goal is simple. To create relationships of trust and co-operation. 

It is simple, yet powerful: Be a host not a hostage! 

Our experience has shown that flexibility is one of the most important factors. We adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Here at Keybee we are so confident in the quality of our services that dare to give you the full flexibility and control, that no one else does: No contracts, no commitments, no hidden fees, no risk. Try any or all of our services for as long as you like. Try hosting yourself for a month, then try Keybee next month. We are convinced that if you try our services you won’t look back.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a vibrant community of hosts and bees that welcome guests at every home.