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May 3, 2024
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Which is the best channel manager for Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, you value efficiency. This is especially true if you’re managing multiple property listings. A channel manager is a software tool that can benefit you by simplifying the management of your vacation rentals. But with so many out there, you’ll want to know the best channel manager for Airbnb.

The right channel manager tool will allow you to centralize, synchronize, and manage your property data more efficiently. This includes property availability, rates, and bookings across different platforms. You'll streamline the entire process by choosing the best channel manager for your needs. We cover the benefits of a channel manager, how it can increase your visibility and revenue, and compare 5 of the best channel managers for Airbnb.

Do I need a channel manager for Airbnb?

A channel manager is essential for efficiently managing listings across multiple platforms. Centralizing management and automated syncing make fulfilling various tasks quicker and easier. The benefits of using a channel manager are nearly endless.

Below, we list some of the main advantages of using a channel manager for Airbnb.

Optimize property listings

These tools can optimize your listings on the platforms you use. This includes the title, description, guest review collection, and more.

Channel manager software tailors your listings to better suit SEO requirements. In turn, your vacation rental properties rank higher in guest search results. The result is more potential bookings and higher income.

Synchronize calendars

A channel manager will synchronize your calendars cross-platform. Synchronizing your calendars will prevent double bookings. This reduces cancellations and bad guest experiences, crucial for enhancing your profile.

Quality channel managers have strong API connections. These remove the risk of double bookings.

Improved efficiency

Channel management software automates property management. The various jobs that a channel manager does reduce the amount of work needed from hosts. As a result, the performance of your short-term rental is improved with less time spent on management.

Enhanced communication

A unified inbox makes managing guest communications across platforms much easier. A channel manager will provide you with just that.

A channel manager eliminates the need to log in and out of different sites to respond to guests. Furthermore, you can set automated messages. This unification enables seamless cross-channel communication.

Save time

One of the best benefits of using a channel manager is the time it saves. Not only does it boost your listing performance, but it also reduces the amount of time you need to devote to property management. As a result, you can spend more time strategizing and building your short-term rental portfolio.

Does Airbnb have a channel manager?

Once Airbnb approves a connected property, it will be connected to the channel manager. There, you can add pictures, descriptions, and other aspects of your property. Airbnb will then review this.

However, most platforms only offer basic features. There isn’t much else that Airbnb offers regarding channel management. For the advantages we covered—listing optimization, property management automation, and cross-channel communication—you’ll need to use third-party channel management software.

What is the best channel manager for Airbnb?

Now that we’ve covered some ways a channel manager can help, we compare 5 of the best channel managers for Airbnb.

The tools that make this list have considered features and functionality, services, and advantages and disadvantages.

1. Keybee

Keybee is a complete vacation rental maintenance platform that includes comprehensive channel management.

Keybee includes hands-free property management at a competitive price. The channel manager eliminates the risk of double bookings and increases Airbnb vacation rental bookings. Its unified calendar synchronizes reservations across platforms and unifies your bookings and availability dates in one place. Also, its dynamic pricing tool automatically updates your listings with optimal prices across platforms to increase your booking rates and maximize revenue.

Keybee makes cross-platform channel management easy across various platforms. As an official partner of Airbnb, channel management with the platform is seamless.

2. Hostaway

Hostaway is a popular vacation rental channel manager that offers more benefits and features than Airbnb's basic offerings.

This channel management software will streamline your Airbnb property management with automation across many major platforms. It has cross-listing functionality, a performance dashboard, CRM and lead management, and more. If you ever need extra support, they have highly reputable customer service support.

3. Hostfully

Hostfully stands out in the industry due to its numerous integrations with third-party tools.

The platform offers cross-channel communication, automation, additional insurance, accounting, and more. It’s compatible with big names like Airbnb, Vrbo, and more.

Hostfully pride themselves on ‘boosting hospitality’ with no need for technical know-how. In other words, their channel manager handles many aspects of Airbnb property management on your behalf.

4. Guesty

Guesty’s channel manager keeps things simple.

It’s user-friendly and featureful. It enables the management, automation, and streamlining of Airbnb vacation rental businesses. Some of its features include inbox unification, calendar synchronization, and payment solutions such as payment processing and revenue sharing.

5. Smoobu

Touted as an all-in-one software management, Smoobu is a reputable contender.

This channel manager helps reduce the risk of double bookings. It also saves time by taking over the listing process. Furthermore, it can synchronize bookings across Airbnb,, and other channels. Smoobu allows you to spend more time on your business and manage your properties less.

6. Lodgify

Lodgify provides hosts with powerful channel management software.

The channel management software can be used by single and multiple property owners. It emphasizes a centralized property management system that unifies calendars, bookings, rates, and payments for all your properties. Moreover, it works with, Airbnb, VRBO, and more.


We’ve listed only a small portion of available channel managers. Each best channel manager for Airbnb has its advantages and emphasizes particular aspects of what channel managers do. You must choose the channel manager that best fits your needs as a host.

Overall, Keybee stands out as a comprehensive and flexible channel manager for Airbnb. Its many features, premium service, and fair pricing model make it a fantastic choice for any host. Whether you have only one property or many, Keybee’s feature-rich channel management software will save you time, increase your revenue, and build your vacation rental business.

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