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November 23, 2023
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How to manage Airbnb remotely

Remote working has been a hit around the world. A recent statistical article by Forbes shows that 12.7% of American workers work remotely full-time and 28.2% work a remote and office hybrid model. With remote working options increasing, you might be wondering on how to manage your Airbnb remotely.

All it takes is the know-how, following protocol and staying on top of all the components that make a great host. Not only can you be a positively reviewed host without needing to be at your property, but you can also run a thriving Airbnb hosting business remotely.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with our top recommendations for managing your Airbnb profile remotely. We’ll help you plan accordingly by putting the correct procedures in place and the benefits.

Be on call 24/7

Now, we understand no one can be on call at all hours of the day. But being an Airbnb host is a 24-hour job. Therefore, ensuring you’re always available for the various host requirements is vital for your guests and business.

Being a top remote Airbnb host means thinking ahead. Before hitting the road or booking a three-month in your dream location, ensure you’ve got a plan and the necessary equipment. A smartphone with the Airbnb app already set up, a laptop or tablet and knowledge are good places to start. Ensure that you’re there for your guests and that if anything requires immediate attention, such as issues with your property, you are there as much as possible. When you aren’t, at least know how long you’ll be offline and have the equipment to get back online as soon as possible.

We understand being available 24/7 can be daunting. Fortunately, an Airbnb host management service can be a lifesaver in many areas. Expert 24/7 guest communication, a huge part of keeping guests happy, is one of our specialties.

Ensure you have a strong internet connection

This one may seem obvious, mundane, or unnecessary of mention, but many people don’t check the quality of their internet connection on the road in advance.

A high-quality, fast, and consistent connection is paramount if you want to work remotely. Without a good enough connection, you can’t work reliably. This puts your ability to manage your property and guest experience at risk.

Install security cameras

Installing security cameras can provide peace of mind while you’re away. Guests, too.

Managing your Airbnb remotely means you can’t keep an eye on your property like you would if you were not. But with security cameras in place, you not only give yourself and your guests peace of mind but enable quicker, more appropriate responses should anything serious happen at your property.

With a high-quality security camera, you can save recorded video clips, which can be used as documentation should a problem arise. And many include great night cameras for lucidity during twilight hours.

We must note that Airbnb has rules on where to install security cameras. For example, they cannot be placed inside private spaces. Check Airbnb’s Use of cameras and recording devices page for more information.

Install a keyless entrance

You can install locks on your Airbnb property that don’t require keys. Instead, guests unlock the property with a password or PIN, which has several benefits.

  1. Firstly, it means you don’t have to worry about replacing lost keys. This is less stressful, as you don’t have to rush back or call someone to deliver new keys.
  2. Furthermore, it’s better for guests. With a keyless entrance, they write down the password or PIN and need not worry about losing the keys.
  3. Cleaners need access, too. When they need to, the cleaning service providers can access your property without interference.

If you have old locks that can’t be replaced, consider installing a lockbox or key safe. Guests require a PIN to open the box and can access the keys when they arrive. With either option, there’s no need for anyone to be there in person - the guests enter and exit your property themselves.

We recommend installing any smart lock or keypad so long as they have a physical key slot. This way, if the device stops working, it can be overridden. Also, in the case of malfunction, you can provide guests with the code to a lockbox. This acts as a backup so they can still enter the property if the smart lock malfunctions.

Hire reliable cleaners

One of the most critical aspects of being a great host is ensuring your property is clean. And managing your Airbnb remotely remains the same as cleanliness is one of the most important factors to being a successful host, maximizing ratings and bookings.

You can hire regular cleaners to maintain your property before, during, and after guests stay. You need reliable, reputable cleaners who will maintain a set schedule and do the job well while you’re away.

However, if a cleaner cancels last minute, you may have to pay more for a replacement cleaner on short notice or, even worse, might need to take care of cleaning yourself, disrupting your schedule and potentially affecting the quality of the cleaning service. This not only comes with additional costs for you but can also lead to negative reviews from guests and, in some cases, result in cancellations.

Alternatively, a professional host management company can look after all the cleaning duties, like laundry and restocking. A major benefit of using a professional host management company is that they source reputable cleaners and will set an optimized schedule best suited for your property. This way, you don’t have to worry about cleaners canceling at the last minute on back-to-back reservations.

As experts in managing Airbnb short-term rentals, we know how important it is to stay on top of cleaning. With our vast network of professional cleaners, we’ll handle such cases. Our hosts receive complete peace of mind knowing all aspects of cleaning are taken care of.

Create a comprehensive welcome guide

Running and managing an Airbnb business remotely is, by its nature, less personal. But it doesn’t have to be so detached.

Creating a comprehensive welcome guide is a fantastic, fun, and creative way to connect with your guests.

People today have short attention spans and will not spend time navigating guides and documents. Often, they prefer reaching out to their hosts instead. Instead of dealing with this yourself, a professional management company will answer guest queries and requests 24/7. This way you’re not interrupted when you’re unavailable.

With a welcome guide, you help set expectations. It also allows you to get more personal despite the distance. It’s an easy, useful, and effective method for connecting with your guests.

Should you decide to implement one, here are some of the details we recommend covering in your welcome guide:

  • Local area guide, including best cafés, restaurants, transport routes, entertainment, and more.
  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • House rules.
  • Instructions for using heating and air conditioning.
  • Garbage removal instructions.
  • Where to find and operate appliances, amenities and extras.

Work with an Airbnb short-term rental property management company

Being a host in itself is no easy task. Being a great host, especially remotely, requires diligence, knowledge and dedication.

As such, professional short-term rental host management companies are becoming increasingly popular, since they provide extra help to hosts.

A short-term rental host management company can help in a plethora of ways. Not only can they manage the day-to-day necessities of being a host, but they can also optimize listings and increase earnings.

Here are some services they offer that help remote hosts manage their Airbnb effectively and maximize their results.

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