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April 26, 2024
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Short-term rental house rules template

As a host, providing clear house rules is crucial for yourself and your guests. Lucid house rules prevent misunderstandings between you and your guests. Furthermore, they give you more control over your property and erase many potential issues in advance. That’s why having a professional short-term rental house rules template is essential.

We cover the spectrum of how to write short-term rental house rules. We discuss its importance, and lay out a step-by-step guide to writing effective house rules on Airbnb. Also, we give you some tips for writing a winning opening statement and distill Airbnb’s own house rules. By the end, you’ll have a house rules strategy to enhance your guest experience and streamline your property management.

Why are house rules important?

Having house rules for your vacation rental property is a professional way of setting expectations. By providing clear and concise house rules, you tell your guests what is and isn’t acceptable conduct while staying at your property. They also allow you to tell guests what they can expect from you.

Here are some of the ways house rules help you as a short-term rental host:

  • Saves time: House rules address common questions and queries which helps prevent you from being asked directly.
  • Sets a standard: Providing house rules indicates you’re a professional business with standards.
  • Protects your property: Setting clear expectations with actionable consequences for rule violations helps prevent mishaps.
  • Helps mutual understanding: House rules facilitate mutual understanding for a smoother experience for both parties.

How do I write house rules for Airbnb?

Writing house rules for Airbnb is easy. But writing professional and effective house rules requires more knowledge, time, and care.

A short-term rental house rules template is crucial here. A high-quality and professional template outlines the dos and don’ts of effective house rules writing. Before you upload your house rules onto Airbnb, follow the steps below.

Research existing templates and guidelines

For templates and guidelines, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There are numerous templates and guidelines you can use.

However, some key elements make a high-quality template. Here are some expert tips for writing an excellent short-term rental house rules template:

  • Be welcoming: Start with an introductory welcome to come across as a friendly and polite host.
  • Be clear: Ensure your writing is clear so that any guest can understand.
  • Be concise: Use the fewest number of words while conveying the most information in an understandable manner.
  • Use bullet points: Use bullet points to list your rules to make them easier to read and follow.

Alternatively, an experienced vacation rental property management company does it on your behalf.

Identify property-specific rules and regulations

When determining your house rules, consider property-specific rules and regulations.

Your house rules may differ depending on whether it’s a house, an apartment, or anything else. For example, your property may be unique, and you want to clarify when guests can use certain amenities.

Also, consider your property’s location, whether you’ll be using it, and when to determine curfew rules. You may also want to include information about where guests can eat and drink, what they can use, and whether or not your property is smoke-free.

Prioritize guest safety and comfort

Prioritizing your guests’ safety and comfort shows you’re a professional who cares about the guest experience.

When writing your house rules, ensure your guests are always front of mind. By prioritizing their safety and comfort you improve their experience. This makes them more likely to leave you positive reviews.

Use friendly but firm language

When reading your house rules, your guests should feel cared for. Being polite and professional is crucial for being a great host.

However, with guest rules, it’s also important to be firm enough. The importance of following your rules must come across in your language. This is where being clear and concise is most important.

Provide clear consequences for rule violations

Your short-term rental house rules template should provide clear and distinct consequences for rule violations.

Make sure your guests know precisely what the penalties for rule violations are. This will help build respect between you and your guests and prevent rule-breaking behavior. It also provides you with supporting evidence should any violations occur.

Encourage open communication with guests

Another important aspect of effective house rules is encouraging open communication. Remain open by telling your guests they can contact you with any concerns or questions. This fosters trust and can help prevent mishaps.

What is an opening statement for Airbnb house rules?

Your house rules should begin with a professional and friendly opening statement.

As a host, this is your best opportunity to set the stage correctly. A clear and concise opening statement will set the tone for the house rules.

Here are a few key examples of writing effective opening statements for Airbnb house rules:

  • Welcoming guests: A welcoming opening statement will make guests more likely to follow your house rules.
  • Outlining: The opening statement allows you to outline and give clarity for the rules.
  • Emphasize cooperation: It’s a great opportunity to emphasize the significance of mutual respect and cooperation between you and your guests.

What are common house rules for Airbnb?

Stuck on coming up with ideas for house rules you could list at your properties? Don’t despair.

Here are some of the most common house rules for Airbnb properties you can use:

  • Noise restrictions and quiet hours.
  • Smoking and pet policies.
  • Check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Maximum occupancy and guest limits.
  • Use of amenities and facilities.
  • Property maintenance and cleanliness expectations.
  • Security measures and emergency protocols.

You must customize the rules you use to fit your property. Consider the unique characteristics of your property and location when applying any house rules.


As we’ve outlined, there are many important steps to creating house rules. House rules are important for setting the right expectations. Most importantly, house rules help safeguard your property. And as we discussed, being clear, professional, and friendly while listing your rules clearly is crucial.

Creating a set of house rules specific to your properties is paramount to your success as a host. However, it can be time-consuming, and writing them professionally is no easy feat. While you may find a short-term rental house rules template online, the best approach is to hire professionals to do it for you.

That’s where Keybee can help. We’re an experienced vacation rental company and an official Airbnb Partner. Our listing setup and optimization service includes writing professional, clear, and concise house rules.

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