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Airbnb Property Management

Airbnb property management doesn’t have to be a chore. Keybee streamlines and automates every aspect of high-quality Airbnb property management on your behalf.

A great guest experience requires consistent, complete, high-quality Airbnb property management. However, responsible hosting is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.
But with Airbnb property management by Keybee, it’s no longer a chore. From thorough guest screening to scheduling professional cleaners to listing setup and optimization, we take care of everything on your behalf. Keybee’s complete property management maximizes your Airbnb income at the most competitive rates.

How much work is managing an Airbnb?

Being a host and letting an Airbnb vacation rental takes considerable time and energy. Airbnb rentals are short-term rentals, meaning guests come and go frequently. This high turnover rate means continuous cleanings between bookings, guest screenings, round-the-clock availability for guests’ queries, and more.

On top of these responsibilities, hosts need to provide consistent, high-quality stays for their guests. Doing so facilitates higher occupancy rates, positive listing reviews, and returning guests. This increases a property’s rank on Airbnb and increases owners’ incomes.

Complete and income-maximizing, Airbnb property management is a major commitment. Especially for hosts with multiple properties. Because of this, Airbnb property management has become necessary for many STR property owners.

What is Airbnb property management?

Airbnb property management is a service that manages Airbnb rentals for property owners.

Professional property management companies manage properties so that every guest experience is exceptional. These services include guest screening, maintenance and repairs, 24/7 guest communication, and more. They can also assist with marketing and listing optimization. This can increase occupancy rates and garner positive reviews.

Keybee provides complete, flexible, and hassle-free Airbnb property management. We cover the full spectrum of Airbnb property management services. This includes our secure guest access, hiring top cleaners, our income-maximizing pricing tool, and more.

Our services have benefitted countless hosts. We take over the entire process and maximize their incomes. With Airbnb property management from Keybee, being a host has never been easier or more profitable.

How much do Airbnb property managers charge?

There are several ways Airbnb property managers charge for their services. Prices vary based on several factors. This can include the types of properties they cater to, what services are provided, extras offered, and others.

Hosts pay Airbnb property managers a fee for their services. Generally, hosts can expect to pay around 25% of their rental income in fees. Many different fee structures are used. These include the simple flat model, commission-based, and guaranteed income models.

When it comes to fees, Keybee keeps things simple and transparent. Our management services come at a 9% of your NET rental income. There are no contracts, commitments, or hidden fees—just complete, round-the-clock Airbnb property management managed by experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Airbnb management difficult or stressful?

To manage an Airbnb effectively requires dedication, time, and effort. There are many necessary steps to high-quality Airbnb property management. The nature of short-term rentals means constant work to meet Airbnb’s standards for guest stays. Also, considerable energy and planning are required to provide experiences that continuously attract guests.

How will Keybee’s Airbnb property management company help me?

An Airbnb property management company can take care of every aspect of hosting an Airbnb. Their services save you time and energy and facilitate high-quality guest stays at your properties. This ensures guests have memorable stays at your Airbnb, boosting your rankings, ratings, and ultimately, income.

What Airbnb property management services does Keybee provide?

Keybee’s services cover every major component for complete Airbnb property management. Our services include 24/7 guest communication, channel management, pricing tool optimization, guest screening, cleaning and laundry, guest access, listing setup and optimization, maintenance and repairs.

Can Keybee increase my Airbnb income?

Yes. Keybee’s experts are committed to maximizing our hosts’ incomes. Our professional services provide stellar guest experiences, continually increasing your Airbnb rankings, ratings, and occupancy rates.

How much does Keybee’s Airbnb property management cost?

Keybee provides the most complete and flexible Airbnb property management at leading rates. Our transparent flat fee means you’ll pay just 9% of your total NET rental income. There are no contracts, commitments, or hidden fees.